International Tourism Forum- Tajikistan 2020,
13th of November, Dushanbe

Fabulously beautiful landscape and nature of Tajikistan is unique and one of the best destination in the world

The Forum will begin after:

Attracting investments, new tourism products, developing trends, etc.

Leaders in toursim sector, investors, state & public officials

Networking & B2B/B2G
Opportunity to meet future partners and develop your business

Opportunity to visit exhibition to appreciate toursim products, souvenirs, national handicrafts etc.

Republic of Tajikistan is among the top ten destinations in the field of adventure tourism

"BBC" Agency

Republic of Tajikistan is among the ten most interesting countries

"Globe Sport" Agency

Republic of Tajikistan is in the second place in the development of tourism in the world

World Tourism Organization

Pamir Highway among ten beautiful mountain passes in the world

Russian Eddition of "National Geographic"

Dushanbe Hosts International Tourism Forum Tajikistan-2020

International Forum participants – diplomatic corpus, representatives of ministries and departments, tour operators and travel agents; sanatorium-resort complex enterprises, tourist destinations and facilities; representatives of regional and local authorities in the field of tourism and culture; tourist information centers of the regions of Tajikistan; experts and practitioners in the tourist industry; representatives of related industries.
By participating in the International tourism forum, you get a great opportunity not only to express yourself and demonstrate your capabilities, but also to learn from your colleagues. International Forum in Dushanbe – a new atmosphere that promotes the creation of targeted business contacts necessary for business efficiency.







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