International Tourism Forum- Tajikistan 2019,
from 8th to the 10th of August, in Dushanbe

Fabulously beatiful landscape and nature of Tajikistan is unique and one of the best destination in the world


Delegates from all over the world once again converged on the capital city of Tajikistan, Dushanbe.

Attracting investments, new tourism products, developing trends, etc.

Leaders in toursim sector, investors, state & public officials

Networking & B2B/B2G
Opportunity to meet future partners and develop your business

Opportunity to visit exhibition to appreciate toursim products, souvenirs, national handicrafts etc.

Republic of Tajikistan is among the top ten destinations in the field of adventure tourism

"BBC" Agency

Republic of Tajikistan is among the ten most interesting countries

"Globe Sport" Agency

Republic of Tajikistan is in the second place in the development of tourism in the world

World Tourism Organization

Pamir Highway among ten beautiful mountain passes in the world

Russian Eddition of "National Geographic"

Dushanbe Hosts International Tourism Forum Tajikistan-2019

400 people, including the representatives of industry branches of partner countries, international organizations, such as the World Tourism Organization (WTO), travel agencies, hotels, boarding houses, resorts, associations, and international experts from 25 countries gathered in Dushanbe to attend the International Tourism Forum and Exhibition Tajikistan-2019.
While welcoming forum participants, the First Deputy Prime Minister of Tajikistan Davlatali Said showcased the country’s tourist sites. “Tour operators are exempt from income tax, which is a very important incentive. To date, 168 companies are actively working in Tajikistan. Investment projects to improve infrastructure, build hotels, and sanatoriums have been adopted,” noted Said.
“Cooperation with the WTO is of great importance for the development of tourism in our republic. Tajikistan pays great attention to the development of ecotourism, cultural tourism, and agrotourism,” continued Said.
Delivering his speech, WTO representative Peter Yanech welcomed President Emomali Rahmon’s initiative on declaring the 2019-2021 the Years of Rural Development, Tourism and Folk Crafts.

“For us, this means that the government of Tajikistan is committed to supporting the development of tourism,” said Yanech. According to Yanech, Tajikistan is a country with rich nature, interesting geography, ancient history and culture, as well as stunning mountainous landscapes. All this must be utilized for the development of tourism.

Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s (SCO) Deputy Secretary General Xie Xiaoyong called the International Tourism Forum Tajikistan-2019 an important event and read out a welcome speech by the SCO Secretary General Vladimir Norov, in which he expressed gratitude to the government of Tajikistan for organizing such an important event.
“In 2018, during the SCO Summit in Qingdao, a plan of joint actions was signed to implement a cooperation program in the field of tourism, which defines practical steps to promote tourism,” recalled Xiaoyong.
The forum participants were divided into four discussion panels, each on specific topics such as “Tourism is an important factor in expanding ties,” “Ecological tourism, climate and cultural-historical travels,” “Health tourism, health and recreation,” and “Development of folk crafts and economic incentives.”
A B2B business dialogue, networking, signing of a memorandum, a final meeting and the adoption of a declaration will also take place within and following the forum.
The forum participants visited the picturesque tourist sites, including Varzob, the cities of Norak and Tursunzoda.
During the visit, guests also got acquainted with the conditions, capabilities and the level of service at the Khoja Obi Garm sanatorium.





Key topic:
- Opening of Tajikistan's doors for investors who are interested in tourism sector and its infrastructure;
- Presentation of investment projects in the field of tourism;
- Measures for improving the infrastructure and services of the industry;
- Regional cooperation - to use of potential partners;
- Implementation of rural infrastructure projects and attractive of tourism destination;
- Tax and customs benefits in field of tourism in the Republic of Tajikistan.
Key topic:
- Promoting sustainable development of eco-tourism, mountain-climbing and culture-historical;
- Opportunities for expanding of eco-tourism and culture-historical in Tajikistan;
- Potential issues in the development of eco-tourism;
- Potential of tourism capacities in Tajikistan in the field of mountain-climbing;
- Biodiversity and climate nature of Tajikistan;
- Development of mountain tourism and eco-tourism infrastructure
Key topic:
- Effective use of mineral and medicinal waters, herbs and the country's medical potential;
- Full presentation of therapeutic trip and indicators of country's sanatoriums;
- Ways to attract more foreign tourists on medical tourism to Tajikistan;
- Medical resources in Tajikistan (climate, mineral waters, medicinal leaves, medicinal herbs and modern medicine)
Key topic:
- Public support for the development of handicrafts and folk crafts;
- Tourism products are factors in introducing a distinctive culture and architecture;
- Handicrafts is a factor of affecting the rural population;
- Search for international markets for handicrafts


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